“Space Junk” is falling in the ATK IMAX Theatre

Space Junk is not just in the news, Space Junk 3D is in the ATK IMAX Theatre starting February 3, 2012. Debris from space is falling at such an alarming pace it is threatening the safety of space exploration and the extensive satellite network that powers Earth’s sophisticated communications systems.

“The scheduling of the movie at our IMAX Theatre is ironic and very fortuitous from a public interest point of view,” says Seth Jarvis, Clark Planetarium director. “Its screening comes in the wake of Russia’s failed Phobos-Grunt space probe on Jan. 15 that was slated to explore a Martian moon. It failed to escape earth’s orbit and crashed unceremoniously into the ocean.  It’s that type of debris ‘Space Junk 3D’ is all about.”space junk small

Harnessing the magical imagery of the 3D Giant Screen, “Space Junk 3D” director Melissa Butts takes the viewer soaring from the stunning depths of Meteor Crater in Arizona to an unprecedented view of increasingly crowded orbits 22,000 miles above earth. Fueling the story are stunning time-lapse sequences and dynamic images that transport audiences by wrapping them in star fields and allowing them to witness massive collisions in space – both natural and man-made.

Accenting what Jarvis said about remnants of hundreds of space probes, Academy Award nominee, Tom Wilkinson, who narrates the films, says “After a half a century of space exploration, we are faced with what has long been a staple of science fiction – an orbiting junkyard of cast-off space debris.”

On-screen, Don Kessler, retired head of NASA’s Orbital Debris Office, and “father” of Space Junk, reaches back to the beginning of our solar system for understanding and guides viewers through the challenges we face in protecting our orbits.

For more information or to buy tickets to Space Junk 3D please visit our website clarkplanetarium.org.

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