“Starry Tales” is a Unique Dome Experience

The depictions and stories of the ancient Greek constellations have been presented by planetariums in many different ways. Through the modern visual tools of 3-dimensional scene creation and animation, Kagaya Studios has created a beautiful new way to experience the Greek characters and legends.

starry_b2_ENposter_web“Starry Tales” is very different from the average star show in that it takes a more poetic and philosophical approach. The elaborately detailed 3-dimensional art, deep colors and emotive music track makes for a beautiful cultural experience and lends itself nicely to the holiday season.

The show journeys through thousands of years to reveal Greek legends and their connection to the modern day. It underscores the cultural bond we all share with the stars and demonstrates how that relationship continues.

Andromeda1_webThis program is in our schedule for a limited run (November 18 – January 5) so don’t miss it! We would sincerely welcome your feedback. Check our “Shows and Exhibits” page for show times.

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