STS-134 Tweetup

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I’m a space geek.

I’m thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to this blog. I have been selected to attend the launch of the Endeavor for the STS-134 mission to the International Space Station and will blog my experiences here!


STS-134 Mission Patch

I am ecstatic to say the least. The trip includes a VIP tour of Kennedy Space Center, meeting astronauts and engineers, as well as a spot in the press area to view the launch. 150 people were selected out of over 4000 entries and I was lucky enough to be one!

From a very young age, I dreamed of being an astronaut. My bedroom was decked out in space decor. I attended different space camps. I went to the, then named, Hansen Planetarium often. I even visited Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston. I was like a kid in a candy store. I was captivated with planets, stars, and comets. My fascination hasn’t wavered, although I don’t think I’ll ever make it into space!

I will be tweeting from NASA, so feel free to follow me @ejmangus. The official Twitter handle is @NASAtweetup, if you want to follow along there as well. I will post updates and photos here as often as time allows. NASA TV will be broadcasting portions of the Tweetup action as well. Please let me know if there are specific things you would like to see or hear about!

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