February 13th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon

Next Gateway to the Stars is December 3

Our next “Gateway to the Stars” program will be held this Sat., December 3, 2011 at 6:45 pm in the Hansen Dome Theatre.

“Starry Tales” is a Unique Dome Experience

The depictions and stories of the ancient Greek constellations have been presented by planetariums in many different ways. Through the modern visual tools of 3-dimensional scene creation and animation, Kagaya Studios has created a beautiful new way to experience the…

“Gateway to the Stars” – Pegasus and Andromeda!

On Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 our next “Gateway to the Stars” presentation will feature the central region of the Autumn skies; the constellations of Pegasus (The Winged Horse) and Andromeda (The Chained Maiden). You might remember those names from the…

Mike Sheehan

Planet Fun telescope & book sale

Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store is having a sale starting…now!


Day of Lammas, a Forgotten Crossquarter Day

I was wondering why I didn’t want to get in the pool yesterday… August 1st each year marks a traditional ‘cross-quarter day’ known as the Day of Lammas. It is when the first loaves are baked from the first wheat…

Duke Johnson

A new (OLD) friend

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the Astronomical League Convention in Bryce canyon. The weather was great for observing but I never got to look through a telescope. I wasn’t kept away by any horrible circumstances or…

Duke Johnson

Up in the night (Ramblings of an astrophotographer)

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs about getting out under the starry sky. It is something that everyone can do—you just have to drive outside the city. My aim is to instill in you some of the…


Does the Sun Look a Little Smaller to You? Earth at Aphelion

Ok, so the Sun shouldn’t look any smaller, but it is slightly farther away than usual. The Earth reaches aphelion on Monday, July 4th, 2011. At this time the Earth will be at its farthest distance from the Sun for…


June Night Sky Calendar

Ahh, June. Summer begins, nights are warm, skies are mostly clear. It’s a great month for stargazing. Here are some highlights for the month. June 1st: The New Moon is on June 1st, occurring at 3:03 pm, MDT. With no…

Clark Planetarium partners with UMFA for art and science

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is hosting Art & Science Artful Afternoons this March with activities and learning opportunities for the whole family.  They will explore air, fire, water and Earth through art-making and scientific experiments focusing on a…