February 9th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon
Seth Jarvis

Lunar Eclipse Brings Blood Moon to Utah

Early to bed, early to rise… guarantees you’ll be sleepy but happy and have something awesome to talk about on October 8th: a Blood Moon. The next time you’re outdoor on a sunny day, take a look at your shadow. …

Seth Jarvis

Solar Eclipse November 3? YES. Visible from Utah? NO.

Yes, there is a solar eclipse on the morning of Sunday, November 3rd. No, it will not be visible, even as a partial eclipse, to anyone west of the United States’ eastern seaboard. BUT…

Seth Jarvis

Heads-Up! Eclipse Coming!

2012 promises to be a big year, astronomically speaking.  And no, I don’t mean the Mayan calendar and end of the world.

Seth Jarvis

Total Lunar Eclipse – December 20, 2010

If you are awake between 11:30 PM (Mountain Time) Monday night  December 21 and 3:30 AM Tuesday morning  the 21st), and your skies are clear, step outside and have a gander at a celestial wonder.


The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century

The longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century occurs on July 22nd, 2009…in the eastern hemisphere. The eclipse totality path passes through India, Tibet, China