October 26th, 2014
Waxing Crescent Moon
Seth Jarvis

Cosmic Quiz: How fast are we going?

This week’s Cosmic Quiz winner is Greg McMurray, who asked: How fast is the Earth moving relative to everything else? Let’s break it down. The first motion of Earth that we’re all familiar with is rotation – the movement of…

Seth Jarvis

COSMIC QUIZ: Where’s the Closest Star?

This week’s KUTV Cosmic Quiz winner is Cameron Porcaro. Cameron’s question was, “How far away is the nearest star to our solar system?” Fun question!


What’s in a name?

How many stars are in our solar system? If you answered hundreds of billions, you are not alone. That is the most common answer I hear. The correct answer is…one. The Sun is the only star in the solar system.…

Seth Jarvis

Cosmic Quiz Question – The Farthest Galaxy?

This week’s winner of the Clark Planetarium, KUTV-2 Cosmic Quiz is Zachary Griffin. He wants to know, “What is the farthest known galaxy?” There are several galaxies that are good candidates for the farthest-known galaxy, but what they all have…