February 5th, 2016
Waning Crescent Moon
Seth Jarvis

Curiosity says: Be True to Your School

Time for a bit of fun trivia.

Robert Bigelow

Curiosity’s Middle Name

Patience. For individuals that have become accustomed to nearly instant information access, the slow pace of data and images trickling from the newest rover on Mars may be frustrating.

Cruising to Mars

There’s always anomalies when scientists send new equipment out into space.


Did you know that Curiosity had to be launched within a defined 3-week period or scientists would have had to wait another 2 years to launch? 

Where to land Curiosity?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory made a sequence of videos demonstrating the difficulty of getting to Mars. We wanted to share them with you in anticipation of the Mars Science Laboratory’s “Curiosity” rover landing that is scheduled to happen late in the…