June 30th, 2015
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Talia Butler

Clark Planetarium partners with UMFA for art and science

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is hosting Art & Science Artful Afternoons this March with activities and learning opportunities for the whole family.  They will explore air, fire, water and Earth through art-making and scientific experiments focusing on a…

Talia Butler

2011 Summer Camp schedule

Clark Planetarium is partnering with Red Butte Gardens and Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum this summer to bring you several exciting camp opportunities.  Campers will experience hands-on learning that is educational, innovative and fun.    

Talia Butler

Science Fair ideas from Planet Fun

Science fair season is here!  This is a great time of year for your family to spend some quality time together learning about science and how fun it can be.  With that in mind – and with the help of Planet…

Talia Butler

Strap into the cockpit for Legends of Flight

Clark Planetarium is currently playing Legends of Flight 3D in our ATK IMAX® Theatre.  Legends of Flight focuses on the behind-the-scenes development and design of the aviation industry from classic model planes to the new Boeing 787.  Audiences will journey…

Talia Butler

Clark Planetarium transforms for HP7 premiere party

On November 18th, Clark Planetarium will be transformed into the magical world of Harry Potter.  Join us for our Premiere Party from 8 pm – 11 pm.  Our premiere party combines educational activities and entertainment to make this an experience…

Jesse Warner

Dark Sky Presentation

Remember when you were young, looking up into the night sky? How many stars did you see? Have you ever tried to count them? Look up in the sky tonight. Can you still see as many stars? You may notice…

Talia Butler

Last chance to see Tales of the Maya Skies – BOGO offer

Get lost in Maya art and Astronomy.  Tales of the Maya Skies at Clark Planetarium and Les Artes De Mexico at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts will end their run on September 26th.  Now is your last chance to experience…

Light up the Dark Side of the Moon

It’s time to search through your closets or visit your favorite vintage shop in search of dashing 1970′s party apparel. The Clark Planetarium’s annual gala is just around the corner and we’re going to light up the Dark Side of…

Jesse Warner

Illusions of the Seasons: Part 2

In our first season’s discussion we learned how the Earth’s distance from the Sun has very little effect on the seasons.  In this discussion, we will dispel another common misconception about the seasons.  Misconception #2:   There are two days in…

Talia Butler

Tales of the Maya Skies

Clark Planetarium is proud to present  Tales of the Maya Skies as part of the schedule for the Hansen Dome Theatre. Tales of the Maya Skies transports audiences back to the ancient jungles of Mexico, where the Maya built cities…