February 9th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon
Seth Jarvis

Curiosity – Caught in the Act!

NASA just released this mind-blowing image of last night’s excitement:

Seth Jarvis

Mars! Curiosity is there!

It’s official! Curiosity is now safely on Mars! Wah-hoo!

Seth Jarvis

Closing in on Mars

As I write this (12 noon on Sunday, August 5th) the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) spacecraft is just 90,000 miles from Mars and falling towards the Red Planet at over 8,000 MPH. MSL is in the final few hours of…

Seth Jarvis

Getting to Mars is HARD

This coming Sunday, August 5th, at 11:31 PM (MDT), after an eight and one-half month flight through interplanetary space, a nuclear powered six wheel drive robotic rover called “Curiosity” is scheduled to touch-down on the planet Mars.

Cruising to Mars

There’s always anomalies when scientists send new equipment out into space.

How to ship a rover…?

How would you ship a billion dollars worth of hardware? 

Seth Jarvis

Why we do…informal science education

I’ve got two short videos that I want you to take a couple of minutes to watch.  Seriously – they’re worth your time. 

“Gateway to the Stars” on March 3: Planets Abound!

The late Winter sky is still ablaze with an abundance of bright stars and famous constellations.  Orion is still with us, including its famous nebula “M42” in its sword.  During this month’s “Gateway to the Stars” we’ll be taking a…

Robert Bigelow

A Mid-March Planetary Conjunction

Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the night sky, are moving toward each other. At least that appears to be the case from our perspective on Earth. In reality, the individual motions of all three plants around the…