February 8th, 2016
Waxing Crescent Moon

“Dark Universe” Opens January 16 in the Hansen Dome Theatre

All the planets, stars, and galaxies we see make up less than five percent of the universe. What is the other 95 percent? Dark Universe examines the invisible dark matter underlying galaxies that, together with dark energy, accounts for the other 95…

“Exploding Universe” – A New Original Production!

The universe we see today is the product of explosive events. They have even shaped our very existence.

Gateway to the Stars Sept 7 – The Milky Way at its Prime!

This is the time of year for enjoying the Milky Way and all it has to offer for binoculars and telescopes.

“Gateway to the Stars” moves to Oct. 8

The next showing of “Gateway to the Stars” will be October 1, 2011 in the Hansen Dome Theatre, featuring Clark Planetarium’s new Digistar 4 system. It will be a crisper, more colorful starfield, with a host of new visual effects. As we move into autumn, stars like the “Summer Triangle” will appear further to the western side of the sky as new stars like the “Great Square of Pegasus” climb up into the eastern sky.