April 27th, 2017
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Teacher Development

Powerpoint and images files from the Teacher Development program held March 26, 2015 at South Jordan Middle School.


Cosmic Questions: Our Place in Space and Time Educators Guide (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
This has instructions, galaxy images and student work sheets for EVIDENCE FOR THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE on pages 47-58, and instructions, transparency masters and a student work sheet for MODELING THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE on pages 39-46.

A good resource for background material on element production is:
What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements? An Information & Activity Booklet Grades 9-12 (Updated 2005), NASA

Instructions for activities using the density tank are found on pages 8-9 of Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach. This guide is available for download at:

A video animation of “The Thermohaline Circulation – The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt” that was mentioned in our presentations is available for download at:

Clark Planetarium Powerpoint Presentations:
Redshift and the Expanding Universe
Evidence for the Big Bang Theory
Origin of Elements in the Universe
Solar System Formation
Sea Floor Magnetism

Density How Do We Know
Density In The Solar System

Planetary Classification Activity ES Planetary Classification Activity Outline
Demonstration of the Inverse Square Law Inverse Square Law
Ocean Floor Magnetism Student Worksheet Ocean Floor Magnetism
Rheoscopic fluid winds (Word document) Rheoscopic Fluid Winds
Density Tank Activities (Word document) Density Tank Activities

Discovering Plate Boundaries Activity
-Student Worksheet GeologicMapsActivity
-Student Plate Boundary Map boundaries_11x17
-Template for Group Numbers and Specialties GroupNumbers_Specialties
-2005 Journal of Geoscience Education paper by Dale S. Sawyer describing activity in detail JGE_Sawyer_2005_published
-Student Worksheet – Dale Sawyer Student4

Instructions for the Seasons and Moon Phase Activity Kits
-Seasons Activity Book Master

Sunlight vs. Temperature Worksheet

5th Grade Electricity and Magnetism Presentations