Thanks to Our Huge Community of Supporters!

During April, Clark Planetarium celebrated its 10-Year Anniversary of our location at The Gateway. There were 10-days of unique events from April 4-13 for the community and the staff at the planetarium to recognize this epic occasion.

Treats for our Youth Art Show Opening by With Sugar on Top!


Our Youth Art Show opening was held April 4. We partnered with Art Access and held two workshops based on planets and nebulae. Also, there was an open call for artwork from the community. Over 150 pieces of art were submitted from students ranging from 5 to 18 years-old. The quality of art was absolutely amazing!

The solar system on a string with 4H.

On April 5, Community Partner Day took the planetarium by storm (literally, it was raining cats and dogs outside)! The Salt Lake County Library, SLC Public Library, The Hogle Zoo, The Living Planet Aquarium and many more partners joined us to help celebrate with fun, hands-on activities. Over 3-thousand visitors took part that day in the activities!

Other events for our 10-days of celebration included a special presentation about space history, activities from our education department, and food truck day where local food truck vendors sold their yummy food outside our doors.

All of these events culminated in our 10-Year Anniversary Gala on April 11, with guest speaker, Phil Plait. The dinner before the lecture was a sell out! Hundreds of people filled the theatre to listen to the “Bad Astronomer” himself talk about “Death From The Skies.”

Phil Plait, "The Bad Astronomer," trying to eat all of the chocolates before the lecture!

And a note from our executive director, Seth Jarvis, “The universe is staggeringly huge, but it’s just barely big enough to hold the gratitude that the staff of Clark Planetarium has for all the board members, donors, sponsors and volunteers who made our ten days of 10th Anniversary celebrations the rip-roaring successes that they were. You helped us make our 10th Anniversary an epic, memorable series of events, and you inspire us to create new and even more exciting plans for Clark Planetarium’s next decade of service to our community.  The staff of Clark Planetarium says to all of you, THANK YOU!”

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