Ticket Increase

Seth Jarvis

I’m one of those guys who thinks it is best to take the Band-Aid off in one quick pull. 

We raised our prices a buck on October 1st.

We sincerely hate to do this, but you know the old quote from Chaucer, “Time and tide and inflation wait for no man.”

OK, Geoffrey Chaucer didn’t really say “inflation,” I added that part. The point is, some things are simply unavoidable.

Our prices on regular admission Hansen Dome Theatre and IMAX® documentary program tickets went up a dollar on Monday, October 1st.

Children’s and matinee tickets will now be $7, and evening adult tickets will now be $9.

Membership prices will remain unchanged. Memberships now become an even better bargain.

Clark Planetarium last raised its prices in 2008, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index, what cost  $6 in 2008 costs $7 today. The October 1st price increase will essentially just keep us even with inflation over the past four years.

We are a division of Salt Lake County, but County support accounts for only about 30% of our operating revenues, and county funding has decreased significantly since 2008.

We constantly cut costs aggressively everywhere we can, but eventually we have to look at revenues, too. We wouldn’t make this pricing change if we didn’t absolutely have to.

Clark Planetarium has some exciting programs in both the IMAX® and the Dome Theatres lined up for 2013, and we’re confident that you’ll find them to be worth the extra buck.


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