Top 10 gifts ideas from Planet Fun

Mike Sheehan

At Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store, we love this time of year. As the holidays approach, we spend lots of time searching the store for the best products that entertain and educate. This, of course, means lots of  hands on demonstration (playing) and testing (over and over again) of our products.

After much review, we’re featuring our top 10 gift ideas, complete with a link to video taken at Planet Fun by our friends Fisher & Peggy from Today’s 106.5. Be sure to check out the video to see the shocking good fun they had while they were here.

Come by and test the products yourself; but if you can’t come in, be sure to browse our products at Planet Fun online, then call us to place your order.

Without further delay,  here are our top 10 gift ideas for this season:

10. Hoberman Spheres: These expandable spheres make engineering fun! The original Hoberman Sphere expands to 30” and kids and adults can’t put it down! Price: $34.95

9. Solar System in My Room: Cool Science and fun too! Solar System in My Room goes over the light fixture on the ceiling. You can then remotely control the movement of the planets. Price: $49.95

8. AirZooka: Laugh in amusement as you mess up someone’s hair or ruffle their shirt. AirZooka is the “fun gun” that blows a harmless ball of air towards any person or object.  Price: $17.95- $24.95

7. Science Kits: The perfect gift to spark the interest of a young mind. Our wide variety of science kits lets kids investigate everything from building an FM radio to performing weather experiments. Price: $9.95 – $49.95

6. Hexbugs: These cute little robotic critters are great gifts for the Kids! The Original Hexbug runs away from noise or your touch. The Crab Hexbug runs from the light or sound. The Inchworm Hexbug is remote controlled. Prices: $12.95, $16.95, and $22.95

5. Giantmicrobes: Shown at 1 million times actual size, these plush germs give you an up-close look at germs from typhoid fever to mad cow disease. It’s a great gag gift that provides laughs and learning. Price: $7.95

4. R/C Flying Saucer: This remote controlled copter-like flying saucer is a Planet Fun store favorite! The staff love to fly it and share with customers. With flashing LED lights, it looks like a UFO as it hovers! Price: $25.95

3. Lightning Reaction Revenge: Have a shocking good time with this new version of the Lightning Reaction game. Control who gets shocked, but beware of those who seek revenge. Price: $29.95

2. Telescopes: Let the staff at Planet Fun help you find the perfect telescope for your stargazing needs. With a wide variety of telescopes and accessories, you can find everything you need to view the heavens. Price: $249.99 – $1999.99

1. Clark Planetarium Gift Cards: Can’t decide? Give the gift of flexibility with a gift card. Available in the store or online in $20, $25, $50 and $100 amounts.

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