New Interactive Tornado Exhibit

Jesse Warner

Come and explore our NEW INTERACTIVE  “Tornado” exhibit.

What does it take to make a tornado? How many different ones can you make? What does it feel like to touch one?

Interactive Tornado Exhibit

Interactive Tornado Exhibit

Using innovative touch sensitive controls designed at the planetarium, visitors control the elements of wind shear and updraft to create a mesmerizing display of rotating columns of visible vapor.

Wind shear is provided by blowing air through an array of holes in 4 tubes to create a rotating pattern of air. Updraft from a fan on top of the exhibit lifts the rotating air into a turning column of clouds. The clouds are produced by two ultrasonic foggers located within the exhibit.

By changing the amounts of wind shear and updraft, visitors can create a slowly rotating fluffy cloud or a tightly focused, rapidly rotating funnel cloud. Due to the ever changing dynamics of air, your experience will be slightly different with each creation.

There are three independent tornado creation stations in one larger exhibit, so you shouldn’t have to wait long to test your hand at creating your very own tornado!

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