“U2″ Show Returns!

NaturalFractal_medAfter an almost 2-year hiatus, we are bringing back our “U2” Cosmic Light Show! “U2″ was produced in-house by our own team of producers and animators and will have a few changes for this run, particularly when it comes to live-performed special effects.


Elevation_medThe original “U2″ production took over 6 months to create because of the complex 360-degree full dome graphics produced by the Clark Planetarium’s production team. But our shows are becoming a lot more than just digital fulldome animation – many elements are performance-based with Digistar “real-time” effects, laser beamwork, and auxiliary special effects projectors. With these new elements, our show presenters can make each performance a unique experience, and includes feedback from the audience! Clark Planetarium Productions has made several music shows, including Led Zeppelin and Rock on Demand, and you can also catch these shows on our current schedule.

dt_common_streams_StreamServer_2“U2″ will play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 pm. Don’t miss the return of this favorite entertainment show in the Hansen Dome Theatre.

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