Ultimate Wave Tahiti – Improved!

One of the nice things about having our own professional producers on staff is that we not only create custom shows for local audiences, but we can also improve on the quality of other programs for a better dome theatre experience!

A great new film in the Hansen Dome Theatre!

Recently we tried something new in the Hansen Dome Theatre – a giant screen film specially converted to play on a dome screen. “Ultimate Wave Tahiti,” produced by K2 Communications, has been well received and well attended since it’s opening. This being our first attempt at trying such a program, we listened to your feedback and studied ways to improve the experience. The result began playing in the theater on Friday, February 15.

How is this version of the film better?  Several ways! First, the amount of “warping” to match the film to the dome screen was originally made for a theater with a greater tilt than ours. The Hansen Dome Theatre is tilted only 12 degrees, so we changed the amount of warp to give it a better fit. That also makes the film look sharper and less distorted.

Another effect of the film was what looked like “frame stutter”. This apparent jerkiness was caused by the conversion of the original 24-frame-per-second masters to 30-frame-per-second video. We did a custom interpolation process to remove the stutter, resulting in a much smoother playback.

Also, the colors, sharpness and contrasts were vastly improved with custom processing by our staff. The results have been amazing – deeper colors, better skin tones, less noise, and clear imagery.

If you’ve already seen “Ultimate Wave Tahiti,” come back and try it again! If you haven’t yet had the experience, now is the time. As always, we welcome your feedback. We hope to apply this new process to other giant screen films in the future and are always looking to improve the quality of what we present.


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