Violent Universe opens February 18

Experience intense cosmic destruction from the safety of our Hansen Dome Theatre. Clark Planetarium’s newest feature, Violent Universe: Catastrophes of the Cosmos, is a sure fit for those who enjoy the splendid beauty of our cosmic surroundings paired with explosive sequences and epic destruction. Scobee1-VU-Final-thumb-200x231-8394This exhilarating show travels the galaxy and reveals how our small planet is caught in the crossfire of all the cataclysmic perils the universe can produce.  Asteroids, comets, gamma burst rays, black holes… just a few of the catastrophes that threaten to annihilate Earth.

Although the Earth has survived thus far, there have been some close calls.  To date, scientists have confirmed 172 locations on Earth determined to be “impact structures” from meteors, asteroids, and pieces of comets. Two notable impacts are the still05devastation at Tunguska near the turn of the century, and the huge craters near Flagstaff, Arizona where an asteroid traveling at 26,000 miles per hour pummeled the Earth approximately 50,000 years ago.

Future objects descending onto our planet may be more than our Earth can handle.  Could a large asteroid with Earth in its sights be our doom?  Or perhaps a star a million times bigger than ours exploding and enveloping everything in its path?  Is the destruction of Earth eminent?

still03Violent Universe explores all of these questions and allows viewers to witness the raw power of the cosmos.  Experience the full intensity of our Hansen Dome Theatre with sprawling stars capes and phenomenal cosmic imagery.  Violent Universe: Catastrophes of the Cosmos opens February 18, 2011 and will play daily at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m., and at 6:45 p.m. on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  View the trailer or purchase tickets here.  Admission to this program is complimentary for current Clark Planetarium members.

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