What’s new at Planet Fun – plus our member sale!

This year for the Holidays the Planet Fun Clark Planetarium Store is going all in on cool science toys and kits.

New this year we have the ffs_girl“Fun Fly Stick”, which lets you magically (actually magnetically) levitate the included foil shapes. Very cool! This is a Dr. Toy best toy winner and sells for$19.95. We now carry the “Bag of Science” line which includes the “Big Bag of Science”. The Big Bag of Science includes test tubes and items needed to perform 70 different experiments for $39.95. We also carry the “Da Vinci’ science kit line. You assemble these actual working models of some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest creations including the self-propelled cart, the aerial screw, and his catapult. Each Da Vinci kit sells for $19.95.

Just for fun we have an entire new line of Spy Gear for the kids. Included are Night Vision Goggles that really work ($22.95), and my favorite the “Capture Cam,”  which takes photos of intruders and helps prepare them for your favorite social media posting ($34.95).

R/C Gecko

For the remote control (R/C) enthusiast in your family we have several cool new items. The “R/C Gecko” is a remote-controlled car that will actually defy gravity and drive up walls and run across the ceiling! ($34.95). We also have the cutest little R/C mini-racers that are super fast and come in a neat package that is shaped like a soda can with a pop top($22.95)!

We are having our member sale on Thanksgiving weekend this year! Come in to Planet Fun from Friday, Nov. 25 through Sunday Nov. 27 and receive 20% off on your entire purchase! We will have our telescopes, binoculars and accessories on sale 10% off as well. Not a member yet? You can join for as little as $49 for two people. Find out more about our membership program online.

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