“[title changed] Night Vision” – A Special New Series!

One of the great things about the Hansen Dome Theatre is that it’s not a movie house – our guides can take you anywhere in the universe in three dimensions. The immersive dome environment creates that sensation all by itself – no 3D glasses required! Any environment is possible … from the surface of Mars to worlds beyond our solar system … night sky events to the latest images from space probes.

More than just a sky show, “[title changed due to copyright infringement] Night Vision” is your opportunity to take a journey of discovery into the wonders of the cosmos. And it’s your opportunity to interact with our show experts to get the answers to questions that interest you!

Replacing our long running “Night Vision” series, “Windows” is performed live and covers a special topic each week that explores a new way to see the universe.  We’ll still look at current happenings in the night sky, but we’ll also feature subjects of popular interest in a visual and entertaining way.  The special theme of the week will be posted on the main page and at the planetarium lobby.

You’ll have two opportunities each week to enjoy this new show: Thursday or Saturday nights at 6:45 pm.  (Remember that our other special, “Gateway to the Stars,” will continue to run on the first Saturday of each month in that 6:45 time slot.)


Join us in the Hansen Dome Theatre for an unparalleled tour of the wonders of space!

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